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 Work Drugs - Third Wave a track from the album Summer Blood released June 27th 2011. The track was written allready in January the same year.

“Words make you think a thought.
Music makes you feel a feeling.
A song makes you feel a thought.”

—Y. Harburg


Videotape, oh where to start? Beauty, simplicity, meditation, sadness, loneliness, geniality… I could go on and on, but I don’t seem to find the right words for what this makes me feel. How can something so simple be so beautiful? The piano plays in a minor and has a varied bass line that does not follow the main chord. The way the piano plays the semitones in the bass towards the end of the song, has a great impact of the outcome of “Videotape”. Even though they calm the song down it just fills up with variation. To make it even more interesting the drums are delayed as they enter in the end. When it comes to the vocals, they are like braided velvet; soft and floating into each other. What a great way to finish the perfect album!


“We have painted a picture, now we are drowning in the paint.”


House of cards; the song is as fragile as it sounds. It is kept to a basic which makes me think that if it had lost one or more components, it would crash to the ground. But of course it is solidly built and glued together. There is no chance of it falling apart by a breath of air, not even a small storm would do the trick. They enhance it with a more or less perfect refrain; it makes a steel solid house of cards. 

Reckoner has a rhythm I immediately start wondering about, searching for the number one in the beat. When I grab on to it, the guitar confuses me again making the song slip out of my hands and I have to pick it up again. I keep losing it until I realize they vary the count of the guitar every other time.  It keeps me occupied until I wake up and start to listen to the beauty going on in adittion to the rhythms. The depth of the musicality in this song is intriguing. The way they play with harmony and complication is, to me, brilliant. One more time I get lost for words. Out of this world!


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