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The one and only single from Black Light Dinner Party is called Older Together and really makes you stop and wonder why on earth they don’t release more. Monday, March 7th their website announced that the blog Neon Gold had posted the video for this song, and since then it has been posted on various blogs around the web. It is quite hard to find any information about this band at all, but from their Last.Fm page it seems as if they are four producers named Côté, Friedman, Jordan and Lipkins who have collaborated to compose this electronic piece of art. 

It kicks off with a catchy electro sound, and as the clear vocals enter it makes a perfect opposite to the rough sound of the baseline that lies in the background. The guitar that enters in the middle of the song adds a pop-feel to the experience. Laidback drums, a catchy tune and perfect combination of sound texture makes this a definate feelgood song for the summer that lies ahead. Just you wait and see!

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    just listen to it. you’ll like it.
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